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Pampering your little princesses, as well as you and their friends

woman doing manicure to a little girl

All services are for entertainment purposes only, so to ensure safety and sanitation, we do not cut nails or cuticles; we may softly file (with disposable files).

We use all disposable applications for makeup application.
Pedicure bowls are lined with disposable lining.
All ingredients are natural to create facial mask and facial scrubs.
To exceed state standards and cleanliness, we do not use metal tools or reuse nail files.

Packages come as they are listed. There are no changes due to time restriction which helps ensure the party flows smoothly.

  • $6.00 – Manicure (no soak)
  • $8.00 – Pedicure (no soak)
  • $10.00 – Manicure with soak, scented lotions, massage, and polish application
  • $15.00 – Pedicure with soak (confetti added), scented lotions, massage, slippers, and polish application
  • $25.00 – Soaked manicure & pedicure combo
  • $14.00 – Facial mask with cucumber, facial scrub (chocolate or strawberry flavored mask), orange and honey scrub
  • $18.00 – Facial mask with cucumber, facial scrub, and light make-up application
girl smiling